80 per cent of jobs at ministries done online as part of social distancing

Almost 80 per cent of jobs at government ministries are being done online as part of social distancing measures.

iGA chief executive Mohammed Al Qaed said at a press conference that 19,000 services are being done electronically.

“There was a bit of load, but a great advancement for Bahrain,” he said.

“Also, almost 70pc employees working from home need technical support in the public sector.”

He also said that 300,000 people have registered on Be Aware App, while 6,123 have been identified through the app, and 3,915 people registered for tests.


Source: http://www.gdnonline.com/Details/822843/80-per-cent-of-jobs-at-ministries-done-online-as-part-of-social-distancing


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